Unpaired but she has 2 hatchlings from an unknown wild mate, June 2011

July 2011.  She is one of 6 Patternless/Green/Blue Headed/Emerald females I do not have males to pair with.

I currently have five Patternless pairings.  Each pair is currently being kept together as a bonded family group.  However, with these extra patternless females, I may cycle a single male between them, as soon as I get another one.

Patternless Female #20

Patternless Blue Headed Green Male

August 2011.  He id from my first Patternless pair with 2 hatchlings.  One has a heavy, normal pattern and the second looks to be a reduced patterned green.  (Photos of these are in the Tokling Gallery).

I plan to pair these two together soon.