Here are a few hatchlings so far.  The first photo is the first pair of siblings that I hatched out in 2010.  They are in the 2nd and 3rd photo again at 7 months.  The female was probably a Patternless Green, but she was in with a second Normal female as well as a patternless male so I’m still looking to see how they turn out.    Obviously, I’m not sure which female it was and she could have been carrying fertile eggs from the wild.

This not-knowing started a conscience effort to keep separate, and document all breeding pairs, and their outcomes.

I also have a related 1.2 Calico CB group from David Tracer of Colorado along with a male from a true blue eyed Leucistic/Diluted Sky Blue pairing of his. 

As you can see, his animals still look somewhat normal in coloration at this point.  Only time will tell if they will actually color up like their parents.  I have a hunch that this trio, as well as most of my visually-the-same pairings will create double hets for two different strains of the Calico genetic code.

July, 2011.  The Super Red hatchlings have a red sheen and a brownish red coloration.  Their nose, lips and eye lids are red.  This leads me to believe they are visual for their parents’ traits.  Over time, the brownish background should turn brick red.