Hello and welcome to the Tokay Hoard,

This breeding project started in May of 2010 after seeing some of the Tokay Morph offerings from Kevin at NERD’s.  High Reds, Calico’s, Albino, Pied and Powder Blue Patternless Tokay.  Wow, and who knew!  Since I was not able to acquire any of his stock, I began a quest to build my own collection.

I’ve added new photos, musings about what I’ve discovered with some genetics and an Available Section for your consideration.  

Over the next several years I’ll be working to prove out a handful of colors and morphs.  Besides eventually making cool Tokay available for others to enjoy, I will be looking to workout the genetics as well.

As it has been noted in other geckos, visually identical animals when paired together, may not be genetically compatible.  i.e., a Bell Albino Leopard gecko will not produce albinos when paired with a Tremper Albino.  This seems true with several Tokay morphs.  Also, most Tokay seem to grow into their adult color over time.   All this adds to the mystery and the challenge.

Throughout 2013 we bred F-1 visual Super Red males to a couple of Pied females.  So far we have seen the young F-2 prodigy start to turn red as well.  This points to a dominant trait and time will prove this out further.  This is a first for captive bred Tokay.

We have seen our first all white hatchling from a pair of Pied.  She, or at least I think she’s a female, is about 8 months old so she’s past the newborn stage making her the first of her type in captive breeding of Tokay that I know of.

I’m hoping to breed some of the normal looking Albino F-1 offspring to see if we can get a visual line established here as well.  Feel free to follow these projects as they develop through the 2014 season.

Thanks for looking.  

All the best,

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