2011, six Normal pairings in the group ranging from light blue with orange and white spots or dark-almost black with red spots to gray with yellow or orange spots.

September, 2011 through July, 2012 we were able to bring in several import groups for resale.  These included patternless greens, aberrant greens, granites and unusual colored Tokay from Indonesia. 


Normal  We’ve been able to establish a line of the old Malaysian type normals that are typically light blue with dark orange to red spots.  We should see domestically bred F2 prodigy from this group sometime in 2014.


Normal, Aberrant & Recently Available Imports

Lights, Camera, Action!

I shoot these guys in a white soft sided photo box with white or black felt under them.

5k, (Daylight) L.E.D. light panels are used to get natural lighting without the heat.

Aberrant Green      These guys are greatly overlooked.  They have not been fully proved out yet but may hold some cool color mutations.

They are the most common ‘morph’  currently imported but not typically bred domestically.